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The Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899–2016 

Liverpool University Press, 2020.

‘As the debates on [the Black Diaries’] authenticity fade from centre stage, the challenges posed […] can now be unpacked, as Garden does so carefully and superbly here. […] a worthy addition to Casement studies’.

Mary McAuliffe in Irish Historical Studies, 45:168 (2021), pp. 351–352.  

‘Garden writes an admirably nuanced and elaborately and systematically interwoven text […] This study adds much to the fields of memory studies, to gender studies, to the nationalist histories of Ireland and Britain, and to literary studies’.

Frances Devlin-Glass in Australasian Journal of Irish Studies, Volume 21 (2021), pp.155-157.

This has also been reviewed by Fergal Lenehan in Irish Studies Review, 28:4 (2020) pp. 533-534 and Galen D. Bunting in Modernism/modernity Print +, Volume 6, Cycle 3.

Edited Special Issues:

  • [Forthcoming 2022] ‘Brian Moore at 100’, special issue of The Canadian Journal of Irish Studies. Co-edited with Sinéad Moynihan.
  • ‘Rethinking the 1981 Hunger Strike: 35 Years On’, special issue of The Irish Review, 55 (Spring 2020)Co-edited with Maggie Scull.
  • ‘The Irish Atlantic’, special issue of Symbiosis: a Journal of Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Relations, 19.2 (October 2015). Co-edited with Muireann Crowley.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

 Peer-reviewed Book Chapters:

  • [Forthcoming 2023] ‘The aesthetics of shame: on sexuality, Ireland and Northern fiction’ in Irish Shame, edited by Seán Kennedy, Joseph Valente and Sara Martín-Ruiz. Forthcoming Edinburgh University Press.
  • [Forthcoming 2022]‘“our uneasy mixed community”: cross-community romance, magic realism and Northern Ireland’, Community in Contemporary British Fiction: Literary Futures in an Age of Nostalgia, ed. Sara Upstone and Peter Ely. Forthcoming Bloomsbury Press.
  • ‘Troubled love: the North and writing romance across the divide’ in Northern Ireland 1921–2021: Centenary Historical Perspectives ed. Paul Bew, Marie Coleman & Caoimhe Nic Dháibhéid. Ulster Historical Foundation, (2022), pp.129-134.
  • ‘“Intertextual quotation”: Troubled Irish bodies and Jewish textual memory in Colum McCann’s “Cathal’s Lake” and “Hunger Strike”’, in The Body In Pain in Irish Literature and Culture, ed. Emilie Pine, Naomi McAreavey and Fionnula Dillane. Palgrave Macmillan (2016), 167-182.
  • ‘Proving their Virility?: Transgressive Masculinity and Steve McQueen’s Hunger’, in Transgression in Anglo-American Cinema: Gender, Sex, and the Deviant Body, ed. Joel Gwynne. Columbia University Press (2016), 57-71.

Other Journal Articles:

  • ‘”The Rude March of History”: Rethinking the 1980/81 Hunger Strikes and their Afterlives’, co-authored with Maggie Scull, The Irish Review, 55 (Spring 2020), 7-20.
  • The Irish Atlantic and Transatlantic Literary Studies’, co-authored with Muireann Crowley, Symbiosis: a Journal of Transatlantic Literary and Cultural Relations, 19.2 (October 2015), 117-135.

Newspaper articles, interviews and blog posts: